Breathing into Love






Breathing into Love

van Devapath

In this meditation you explore loving yourself and seeing your own beauty.
From this space you can see the beauty of the other and enjoy dancing together.
Sitting down you keep your hands on your heart and open your heart with each breath.
Then you lie down and relax into your innermost being.


De meditatie heeft vier fases en duurt een uur.

De eerste fase
Seeing the Beauty:
Sit in silence and look at the other as if you see the person for the first time.
Discover and experience the other’s beauty. Breathe in a relaxed way and feel your heart.

De tweede fase 
Dancing the Beauty:
Stand up and begin to move to the music. Express the Beauty of yourself and the other through your movements. Loose yourself in the dance and let your breathing be free and open.
Stay in touch with your heart.

De derde fase
Watching the Breath:
Sit comfortably, close your eyes and watch your breathing as it enters the noseor moves to the belly.
If you forget the breathingand get lost in thinking, dreaming or feeling,just come back to watchingthe breathing again in a relaxed way.

 De vierde fase
Relaxing into Silence:
Without music, lay down in a comfortable position and relax into the silence.