Heart Chakra meditation






Heart Chakra meditation

     – Karunesh –

Deze meditatie is bijzonder geschikt om het hartchakra te reinigen. Deze meditatie is voortgekomen uit de eeuwenoude Soefitraditie en stelt ons in staat ons leven meer vanuit het hart te beleven. Vanuit het hartchakra staat men in contact met de andere chakra’s, zodat het belangrijk is het hart open te houden om alle energie vrij door het lichaam te kunnen laten stromen.

De meditatie duurt 45 minuten en bestaat uit 6 fases.

Stand in a relaxed position with eyes opened, in a warm and comfortable place. Lay both hands on the heart chakra (mid­ point of the chest).
Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, and breathe relaxed and easy. Inhale fresh energy into your body – release old energy with your exhale.

The circle of giving and taking begins . . . .

PHASE ‘NORTH’ – 6 min
Before the melody starts, listen very carefully to the initial four breathing examples.
When the actual melody begins, exhale strongly and at the same time stretch the right arm and the right leg forward.
The palm of your hand should face outwards – pushing the old energy out of the body.
While breathing in, return arm and leg to the basic position, hands over your heart chakra.
Now exhaling again, make the same movements with your left arm and leg. Keep repeating this movements with the rhythm  of the music. (As the excercise progresses, the music gets faster).

Please don’t move forward with your whole body. Remain centered on the same spot, only moving your arms and legs – rooted to the earth.

PHASE ‘EAST & WEST‘ – 6 min
Again listen to the initial four counts of breathing. This exercise is similar, but instead of stretching forward, we now stretch sideways.
Turn the upper part of your body slightly. As you breath out, stretch out your right arm and leg to the right (EAST), and with next exhalation stretch your left arm and leg to the left (WEST).”
While breathing in, return arm and leg to the basic position, hands over your heart chakra.
Repeat this sequence.

PHASE ‘SOUTH’ – 6 min
This time you stretch backwards. While breathing out, the upper body, head, right arm and leg are facing back to the right, while your left leg remains in place. While breathing in, return to the basic position. Now you repeat the same movement with your left arm and leg to the left side.
Repeat this sequence.

PHASE ‘CIRCLE’ – 7 min
In this phase combine all three exercises in a flowing sequence. This is the most energetic part of the meditation. Repeat this sequence.

Please sit in a relaxed position or lay down. Let the music flow gently through your body.
Breathe normal and feel the connection with your heart. You may lay both hands on your heart chakra.

If you wish to continue to relax in total silence, please switch off the CD player after this music. Or you can surrender to the magic of Tibetan Sound Bowls and dive into an eternity of sound and silence . . . .